Welcome to Cedar Valley Hop Yards

Cedar Valley Hop Yards is located south of Nanaimo in Cedar right along the 49 parallel where the highest quality hops have been known to grow , The driest climate on the island set away from mountains and has long hours of sunshine needed to grow high quality hops.

We started with 1200 plants in pots in 2011; and trellised 7 acres that winter transferring the pots to the field in the spring of 2012 plus another 3000 rhizomes, we added another acre and a half 1600 rhizomes in the spring of 2014 we will be planting remaining acre and a half spring 2015 completing the 7 acre hop field and we also have room to grow. 

We also purchased a wolf 140 processor in 2012 it has been picking very clean, and now we are working on improvements to the drying and packaging equipment.

Cedar Valley Hop yards are hoping to serve the breweries and the home brewers on Vancouver Island with a good local quality whole leaf hop.